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Rua das Flores, 6A, Telheiro
7200-181 Monsaraz
Alentejo, Portugal

Telf. +351 266 557 471
email. tiago(@)sem-fim.com
GPS. 38.454563, -7.38116



Bar & Outdoor Seating

    What was the lagar warehouse has now become the bar, a tasca (café) where you can listen to locals singing, between the vats papered with notices, your foot resting on the rail at the base of the counter as you take a drink. There are great nights to be had in the bar – relaxing between cushions and tales, forgetting the day’s toil.
    At the end of the bar the door gives onto the verandah with a superb view of the castle on the top of the hill.  The countryside rings with sheep’s bells and the tranquil cork oaks silently invite you to music and memories.
    Rest the senses reading a poem written on the wall, or gazing at the countryside while waiting for your ordered dish – take your time,  Sem Fim is slow food.
    • - Tasting of olive oil, taste and distinguish between the various oils in the region 5€ per person
    • - Wine tasting and taste distinguish some of the best elixirs in the region 5€ per person with appetizers 10€ per person